Wishes for My Son

Dedicated to my first beautiful boy, Weston, on his tenth birthday ~

I wish for you to always know your worth in a world that too often dismisses, undervalues, and commodifies wonderfully unique people.

I wish you contentment with your present but a desire to adventure out to see more and do more. Live spherically and embrace new things.

I wish you just enough struggle and hardship to remember how strong you are and the meddle you’re made of.

At the same time, I wish you enough “get out of jail free” cards, surprises, and lucky days to retain your optimism.

I wish you persistence and passion to pursue your dreams even when the hurdles are high and you feel like quitting. Know you can do hard things.

I wish you to explore as much of the world as you possibly can and to feel yourself humbled and grateful to do so. I look forward to all the travels we’ll take together.

I wish you to see the beauty in nature and the lovely people you meet. There is such goodness in the hearts of trees and humans.

I wish you at least one really excellent friend to support you and share with you years of learning, developing, and experiencing.

I wish that you know crushes and heartbreak enough to appreciate true love when you finally find it. Cherish that feeling and person for all your days. 

I wish you a kind of life that knows ups and downs but always more sunshine than rain to keep you smiling and laughing that delightful laugh of yours.

I wish you to know how profound, genuine, and expansive my love for you is and always will be.

One thought on “Wishes for My Son

  1. What an amazing piece – of such genuine admiration and LOVE for your son!

    The phenomenal mother you are is evident in your words.



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