Slowing the Spinning Helix

The sun dips lower behind the pine trees, no longer casting shimmering reflections on the snowy porch of the cabin I’ve rented for a personal retreat, a getaway I’ve needed more than I acknowledged. The past two years of raising a baby/toddler and persisting through work drama and transitions have taken such a toll onContinue reading “Slowing the Spinning Helix”

Ski Lessons from My Middle Schooler

A couple days ago my eleven-year-old son wanted to spend his morning off of school, not sleeping in, not even playing video games, but coming along with me to a coffee shop to sip lattes, read, and chat. He prefers a plain latte in a mug with the only additive a design in the foam.Continue reading “Ski Lessons from My Middle Schooler”

Wishes for My Son

Dedicated to my first beautiful boy, Weston, on his tenth birthday ~ I wish for you to always know your worth in a world that too often dismisses, undervalues, and commodifies wonderfully unique people. I wish you contentment with your present but a desire to adventure out to see more and do more. Live sphericallyContinue reading “Wishes for My Son”

Mama Matters

Four weeks to go. It feels like this pregnancy flew by but also like I can barely remember what it was like not to be pregnant–what it was like hiking in Alaska without total fatigue or enjoying multiple cups of coffee instead of tricking myself into “two” cups by pouring two, separate half-cups. I haven’tContinue reading “Mama Matters”

The Baby-Self Balance

In less than six weeks I’ll bring a new baby into the world.  I’ve found myself reflecting on the upcoming weeks as a time for personal growth and resolution rather than thinking of the baby’s rapid growth and my parenting resolutions. Perhaps it’s because this will be Child #2 that I know that the babyContinue reading “The Baby-Self Balance”