38 Things I’d Say to My 18-year-old Self

Today is my 38th birthday. While not yet “old” according to my middle schooler, 38 is an age that holds substance, an age that denotes an expected accumulation of wisdom, grace, and experience. By now the missteps should’ve been examined, deemed to be worth something in the big picture. I’m under no impression of havingContinue reading “38 Things I’d Say to My 18-year-old Self”

Wishes for My Son

Dedicated to my first beautiful boy, Weston, on his tenth birthday ~ I wish for you to always know your worth in a world that too often dismisses, undervalues, and commodifies wonderfully unique people. I wish you contentment with your present but a desire to adventure out to see more and do more. Live sphericallyContinue reading “Wishes for My Son”