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Grit and Pearl: Past Choices through a Both/and Lens

Most of my family is gathering at my parents’ house for Memorial Day weekend, including my youngest brother who’s visiting from New York City. I look forward to seeing him, of course, and hearing his twenty-something adventures amidst the pulse of a city as ever shifting as New York. At the same time, his stories…

Am I Another “Anti-hero”?

Since last writing, my family and I spent two weeks traveling through Portugal and Spain. I expected to return filled with a renewed zest for life the way traveling usually does for me, but instead I came home exhausted and ready for a solo vacation (that, of course, wasn’t possible due to the return to…

“It’s not enough to just hope for a happy and healthy life; it’s a combination of mindset, routines, and habits working together that will get you there.”

Robyn Conley Downs


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The Shame Machine by Cathy O’Neil

Monthly Playlist–Dust Motes in the Sunlight

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