Put on the Skates & Brave It

I haven’t written on my site in months and while I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been doing mind-blowing things, admittedly, it’s not the case. One day crept into the next, and it just felt easier to skip it. After enough weeks passed, it actually felt a little scary to write again. It takesContinue reading “Put on the Skates & Brave It”

Sunlit Reflections

Days like this, as I sit and peer out the window, the Emily Dickinson line I read in my youth returns to me, “There’s a certain slant of light…” It’s the soft, warm yellow sun of spring and how it glints off surrounding objects, shimmering in shifting patterns of light that is heartbreakingly lovely. It’sContinue reading “Sunlit Reflections”

Micro Changes

The past couple months have been a deep dive into what continued remote work can look like in my life. The past two years working from home mostly took place in the living room, dining room, even in the kitchen. I always felt scattered and pulled in too many directions. If I emptied the dishwasherContinue reading “Micro Changes”

Before Social Media

I’m at a coffee shop next to a table of teenage girls who have done nothing for the past half hour but take pictures together, solo, and in varying sub-groups. They pose for pictures to post to their Instagram stories. I hear them critiquing and complimenting themselves and each other, self-scrutinizing to a degree IContinue reading “Before Social Media”

Nostalgia & New Beginnings

I am on the verge of turning 37. While it’s not a milestone birthday like 40, it holds weight in my mind as an undeniably adult age. It’s an age where I feel I should be in full stride adulthood with a wisdom and confidence I assumed my own parents possessed at this age, notContinue reading “Nostalgia & New Beginnings”

Are We Friends?

This morning I have a work/friend date. Is it a long work meeting preferable face-to-face or are we finally transitioning into actual friends outside of work? The fact that I don’t know speaks volumes about how complex it is to navigate forging adult friendships. I know some people are social butterflies who start up aContinue reading “Are We Friends?”

Champagne & Confetti

*Actually written July 23 but finally getting around to posting* Nursing in the wee hours of the morning, my mind batted thoughts around like a paddle ping ponging ideas, worries, to-dos, and momentary feelings of elation. Today we close on a lovely new house, and despite residual worries that the loan or sale of ourContinue reading “Champagne & Confetti”

Fighting for Attention

My days over the past three months have been consumed with nursing, diapering, holding, and rocking my baby. Even now after returning to work, the majority of my efforts and mental energy are devoted to him. Assuming we were blessed to be raised in stable households, when we’re babies, we receive the pampering and loveContinue reading “Fighting for Attention”

Scientific Confessions

When reflecting on what to write, I continue to circle around the unchanged state of things. It’s been more than two weeks since my last post, and while I wanted to state I was out of the muck, wanted to report a newfound contentment, it wouldn’t be true. It would be a mask to coverContinue reading “Scientific Confessions”