Champagne & Confetti

*Actually written July 23 but finally getting around to posting*

Nursing in the wee hours of the morning, my mind batted thoughts around like a paddle ping ponging ideas, worries, to-dos, and momentary feelings of elation. Today we close on a lovely new house, and despite residual worries that the loan or sale of our current home would fall through, it’s really happening. I’m excited for the fresh start.

Every fresh start reminds me it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past events that have gotten me to this point, to bask in the sweetness of the moment, and to swirl with giddiness for the future. 

Closing on the house will mean more space and a quieter neighborhood for our family, but it also represents a personal triumph. When I noted the market craze and low interest rates, I decided we should move earlier than we originally planned. I cleaned, packed, and jumped through all the hoops of the loan process. While my husband has been supportive throughout and very helpful this past week, I did the majority of it all myself after returning to work full time with a three-month-old.

The whirlwind of preparing our house, submitting paperwork, and packing while feeding every couple hours, changing diapers and onesies from blowouts, and focusing in back-to-back meetings has been overwhelming. But I made this happen. I worked my way into a job that I not only enjoy but also earns enough to afford the bigger mortgage. For all my flaws and failings, I need to give myself credit for getting here. I need to savor the success because it doesn’t come around often in notable doses like this. 

Little wins feel great, too, but in the swirl of responsibilities and bills, it’s too easy to bypass them without fanfare. Don’t we owe ourselves a bit of celebration? Most days are too much slog compared to the laughter. We forget to step back, forget to slow down and revel in our strengths and achievements. In a culture of more-more-more, do-do-do, it’s no wonder we skip over the glorious moments of victory. Something more to accomplish weighs on us, but the pause is necessary. We won’t feel satisfied with ourselves and our lives if we don’t take time to see how our hard work pays off and how it’s gotten us to the yellow brick road before us (or at least a glimmer of light at the end of our tunnels). 

We can remind ourselves that we are beautiful, capable beings with much to offer the world, our families, friends, and communities. No more playing small. No more unnecessary apologies. No more punting compliments. No more self-disparagement. We must pause at the natural breaks–the fresh starts or even the ordinary daily wins–to congratulate ourselves on a job well done. Maybe it’s something big like securing the mortgage (or the Chesterfield sofa of my dreams) or maybe it’s not collapsing in fatigue at the sink. We are amazing and worthy of a big pat on the back. So today, any day, every day, or, at the very least, your next notable success, let the champagne and confetti fly.

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  1. Gabrielle,

    I am SO dearly moved by your words- and the phenomenally exhausting reality of motherhood , returning to the workplace, and celebrating triumphs!

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