Grit and Pearl: Past Choices through a Both/and Lens

Most of my family is gathering at my parents’ house for Memorial Day weekend, including my youngest brother who’s visiting from New York City. I look forward to seeing him, of course, and hearing his twenty-something adventures amidst the pulse of a city as ever shifting as New York. At the same time, his storiesContinue reading “Grit and Pearl: Past Choices through a Both/and Lens”

Am I Another “Anti-hero”?

Since last writing, my family and I spent two weeks traveling through Portugal and Spain. I expected to return filled with a renewed zest for life the way traveling usually does for me, but instead I came home exhausted and ready for a solo vacation (that, of course, wasn’t possible due to the return toContinue reading “Am I Another “Anti-hero”?”

Slowing the Spinning Helix

The sun dips lower behind the pine trees, no longer casting shimmering reflections on the snowy porch of the cabin I’ve rented for a personal retreat, a getaway I’ve needed more than I acknowledged. The past two years of raising a baby/toddler and persisting through work drama and transitions have taken such a toll onContinue reading “Slowing the Spinning Helix”

The Messy Art of Lost Friendships

It’s my former friend Josh Campbell’s birthday. I still remember that, still think of him and how terribly abrupt the dissolution of our friendship was. I had no clue when he stormed out of my parents’ house that January day that he was storming out of my life forever. Here I am, sixteen years later,Continue reading “The Messy Art of Lost Friendships”

Ski Lessons from My Middle Schooler

A couple days ago my eleven-year-old son wanted to spend his morning off of school, not sleeping in, not even playing video games, but coming along with me to a coffee shop to sip lattes, read, and chat. He prefers a plain latte in a mug with the only additive a design in the foam.Continue reading “Ski Lessons from My Middle Schooler”

38 Things I’d Say to My 18-year-old Self

Today is my 38th birthday. While not yet “old” according to my middle schooler, 38 is an age that holds substance, an age that denotes an expected accumulation of wisdom, grace, and experience. By now the missteps should’ve been examined, deemed to be worth something in the big picture. I’m under no impression of havingContinue reading “38 Things I’d Say to My 18-year-old Self”

Curating a Life (and a Tribute to London)

On this date in 2005 I departed O’Hare Airport for a semester abroad in London, a stretch of time that would alter my life with incredible magnitude. London isn’t a city that allows you to sleepwalk through your days. Its breadth of history, energy, beauty, and progress force you to take notice, to wake upContinue reading “Curating a Life (and a Tribute to London)”

37 Things That Bring Me Joy

I welcome you, 2023, with arms open to the possibility for more joy in my days. I am so ready to to put the heaviness, stress, tension, and fatigue behind me. No more days stuck on the worry wheel dwelling on what went wrong or what could go wrong. I aim to live in gracefulContinue reading “37 Things That Bring Me Joy”

Here’s to a Happier New Year

Today marks the beginning of 2023 and another chance at a fresh start. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of a fresh start in that while I can surely be content in my life, I don’t want to be complacent. I aim to be satisfied in the present moment but striving for my bestContinue reading “Here’s to a Happier New Year”