The Last Sunday

Today marks the last Sunday before the baby arrives, and as my husband Stephen and I sat at brunch, my plate full of blueberry oatcakes with almonds and maple syrup, I couldn’t help feeling like it was “the last supper.” I continue finding myself thinking of the countdown to the baby as an ending, some precious time that will soon be lost rather than as a new beginning. 

My mind in the middle of the restless nights gets bogged down with thoughts of what I have yet to do before the baby’s arrival, the emails I need to send, chores I need to complete, miscellaneous tasks I believe will somehow make me feel fully prepared to bring a baby into the world. I know when it comes down to it, I won’t be totally ready anyway. And I surely know I should be focusing this final week on the abundance of simple pleasures to enjoy rather than on what else I can cram in like my chance is nearly forever over.

Things to Savor…

  • The excitement in not knowing if the baby will be a boy or a girl
  • The freedom of seeing my belly swollen with life rather than as a gut that needs to be sucked in and whittled into shape
  • (Nearly) guilt-free extra breaks from work because I’m 9 months pregnant and feel I deserve it
  • A leisurely, uninterrupted bubble bath and meditation
  • Setting my freetime schedule rather than having it dictated by naps and nursing 
  • Feeling the baby kick, squirm, and stretch inside me
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars before I feel compelled to hop on the fitness wagon again
  • Knowing the days of swollen hands and feet are numbered and that my shoes will all fit again very soon
  • The extra foot and shoulder rubs Stephen offers to my pregnant, aching body
  • Watching the first shoots of tulips and daffodils sprout out of the soft earth
  • The loveliness of bringing a baby into the world in springtime when everything is renewed with new life and beauty
  • Four more days to sip my coffee and journal in the morning in peace
  • A pre-surgery day off work to do nothing but read and relax
  • Rubbing my belly like a magic lamp that will soon release its own fantastic creature ripe for making wishes
  • The curiosity of not knowing all the ways this new life will change us and all the potential for joy it can bring us. A fresh chapter in our life together.

So I will savor and wait.

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