The Last Sunday

Today marks the last Sunday before the baby arrives, and as my husband Stephen and I sat at brunch, my plate full of blueberry oatcakes with almonds and maple syrup, I couldn’t help feeling like it was “the last supper.” I continue finding myself thinking of the countdown to the baby as an ending, someContinue reading “The Last Sunday”

What a Year in Quarantine Has Taught Me

This week marks a whole year living in quarantine mode. Although I still found periodic ways to get out of the house and out of town, I spent the majority of it rarely leaving our 1400 square foot home. I had it easier than many and was able to continually feel that despite the virus,Continue reading “What a Year in Quarantine Has Taught Me”

Lessons from My 4th Grader

When I was a fourth grader, I met the first true iteration of my insecure self. I was developing quicker than my female classmates, and my face had not yet caught up to my nose. My wavy hair frizzed in humidity, never responding with the sought-after Barbie bounce when flicked over my shoulder the wayContinue reading “Lessons from My 4th Grader”