Mama Matters

Four weeks to go. It feels like this pregnancy flew by but also like I can barely remember what it was like not to be pregnant–what it was like hiking in Alaska without total fatigue or enjoying multiple cups of coffee instead of tricking myself into “two” cups by pouring two, separate half-cups. I haven’tContinue reading “Mama Matters”

Vows for Ordinary Moments

This week my husband, Stephen, and I will celebrate our third anniversary, though it feels much longer than that. The more I learn of him, the more stories I hear and conjure in my imagination, the more I feel we’ve been circling each other’s hemispheres for the past twenty years. Our histories echo similar stories,Continue reading “Vows for Ordinary Moments”

The Baby-Self Balance

In less than six weeks I’ll bring a new baby into the world.  I’ve found myself reflecting on the upcoming weeks as a time for personal growth and resolution rather than thinking of the baby’s rapid growth and my parenting resolutions. Perhaps it’s because this will be Child #2 that I know that the babyContinue reading “The Baby-Self Balance”