Fresh Starts & Other Life Goals

I have admittedly boarded the blogging train a decade too late, but I’ve been writing and journaling for as long as I can remember. Putting pen to paper, seeing words manifest on the page instead of weighing me down somewhere between my shoulder blades and solar plexus, has brought me cathartic release and also insights I may never have noticed if I hadn’t taken the time. Because the writing has helped, and continues to help me, I decided, whether late or not, that it was time to share my voice with the world.  We are all beautiful, fumbling humans after all with far more in common than what separates us.

And so I vow to be open, honest, and authentic in my entries. I will essay in the original sense of the word to share my journey in hopes that you will find a strand that relates back to you. Weaving together those strands we can create an invisible house of belonging where we can coexist and grow together, teach each other, and inspire each other. 

I want to reflect on, investigate, and discuss marriage and relationships; parenting and motherhood; spirituality and awareness; well-being, including fitness, health, and beauty; as well as learning and self-growth. I will recount the lessons of both my progress and my setbacks. I will remind myself and you, dear reader, that the everyday brims with goodness and simple pleasures to savor, a slowness and wonderment that can bring us such joy.

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