37 Things That Bring Me Joy

I welcome you, 2023, with arms open to the possibility for more joy in my days. I am so ready to to put the heaviness, stress, tension, and fatigue behind me. No more days stuck on the worry wheel dwelling on what went wrong or what could go wrong.

I aim to live in graceful patience and lightness. I want energy and laughter coursing through my body. Joy and more joy and reasons to celebrate the magic of our (extra)ordinary lives.

While I’m eager for all to come, I also want to remind myself of all the goodness in my life already, and so I’m reflecting on 37 things that bring me joy.

  1. My sons’ giggles
  2. Soulful kisses
  3. Coffee in a great mug
  4. walks/hikes in nature
  5. Crossword puzzles, especially on a Sunday morning with my husband
  6. Exploring new places
  7. Creating playlists, music in general
  8. Cinnamon–the word, scent, & taste
  9. Snuggles in bed
  10. Sipping hot cocoa by the fire
  11. A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table
  12. Journaling in the morning
  13. Massages
  14. Velvet sofas
  15. Athleisure wear
  16. My husband’s eyes
  17. One-on-one conversation over brunch
  18. Yoga–calming & energizing at the same time
  19. Gut-aching laughter
  20. Lake views at sunrise
  21. Perusing books at the bookstore
  22. Seeing movies at the cinema
  23. Candleglow
  24. Scent of lilacs in the air in spring
  25. Dancing, especially with my husband
  26. Travel planning
  27. A delicious latte at a coffeeshop
  28. Vespas, especially zipping along a cobblestone street
  29. Mystery movie/TV show
  30. Cozy sweaters
  31. Flipping through home decor magazines
  32. Socks with fun designs
  33. Sunsets on the beach
  34. Fancy dresses & shoes
  35. Peonies in full bloom
  36. Reading an excellent book
  37. Listening to old crackling records

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